A sharp knife is a safe knife. For 50 years Bertarelli Cutlery has been St. Louis's one stop shop for all things sharpening. We sharpen Knives, Scissors, Lawn Care Equipment, Food Prep Equipment, and more. If its metal and you need it sharp we can handle it for you.



Do I need an appointment?

No appointment needed. Just come in to 1927 Marconi 7:30-3:00 M-F or 10:00-11:00 on Saturday.

How long will you keep my knives?

We can get 90% of orders done in 1 hour. We strive to complete your order and get you on your way in 30 or less.

My knives aren't that good are they worth sharpening?

We charge 5$ a blade, so if the knife is worth over 5$ then get it sharpened for sure. We wont make fun of you for having an inexpensive knife.

I have a hand made knife that I don't trust to just anyone. Why should I trust you guys?

If you have a special blade whether expensive or sentimental in value. Please let us know that you would like our " Hand Sharpening Service" done. This service is our premium service. With most blades we use the traditional Molleta style sharpening. Which uses a 4ft diameter motor driven whet wheel. The "Hand Sharpening Service" skips this step and your special knife is just done on traditional Japanese Whet Stones by hand.

Can you do serrated blades?

Yes we can. If the teeth are completely worn off we can put a whole new set of teeth on the knife as well.