Bertarelli Cutlery offers a wide array of sharpening solutions for the professional kitchen. We specialize in what we like to call a "Knife Service". Once a week or once every two weeks our friendly Knife delivery specialist come to your Kitchen exchange your dull knives for freshly sharpened chopping blades. No contracts, customize your order with over 35 different blade styles and colors.  

  • restaurants
  • cafeterias
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • food trucks
  • meat markets and butchers
  • supermarkets / grocery stores
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We Sharpen

  • slicer blades
  • processing blades
  • grinder knives and plates
  • and much more


We Service

Can openers

Slicers, Mixers, Grinder's, Power Drive Machines, Food Processors, Stick Blenders, KitchAid Mixers, VCM's, and other Commercial Equipment  

Re-plane Cutting Boards and Cut Custom Line boards

FOR SERVICE PLEASE EMAIL or call 314-664-4005