Sirman Bowl Cutter


Sirman Bowl Cutter

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• Increase productivity in the kitchen with a multi-tasked bowl cutter for cutting, mixing and emulsifying
• Complete stainless steel construction
• Rotary dial variable speed control to stabilize blade rpm, from 1,100 to 2,600 rpm to process each product with the right speed
• Motor alongside the bowl avoids cooking of the food
• See-through lid with feed opening to add product
• Quick breakdown for cleaning
• Prepare sauces - bechamel, bolognaise, mayonnaise, tartar, vinaigrette...
• dressings - French, Italian, creamy ranch, coleslaw…
• fish & meat - smoked salmon pate or mousse, anchovy paste, steak tartar...
• soups - onion, potato and leek, split pea, tomato...
• minces - bell peppers, parsley, onions...

Made In Italy

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• The stainless steel body and bowl withstand heavy usage.
• Motor and bowl are placed side by side to keep the heat from the motor away from the food.
• The exclusive adjustable speed control allows for processing each product at its own speed.
• See-through lid with 1 ¼” wide feed opening (2” on the C9 VV) to add products while machine is working. Opening can be closed to avoid spills with supplied cap.
• The bowl has a special thermal diffusion bottom to be used on fire.
• The handles on the bowl allow for easy removal and handling.
• The motor and knife shafts are sealed to avoid leaks to the motor.


• One interlock turns the machine off when the bar keeping the lid in place is moved to the side.
• A second interlock stops the machine and prevents it from starting when the lid is not in place.
• Overcurrent and no volt release protection.


• Knife and bowl are easily removable.

• The processors flat surfaces are easy to clean.

• The bowl (without lid) is dishwasher safe.
Standard accessories: Lid cap, cleaning spatula, sharpening stone.

Optional accessories: Serrated knifes shaft, emulsifying knifes shafts.


Construction: Body and bowl made from stainless steel. See-through lid made from Kostil™ plastic. “S” blade knives made from high-quality cutlery stainless steel. Shaft made from high-resistant Moplen™ plastic.