Buying a Blade Tip #1

Blade buying survival guide


I recently made a Tweet 

@STLKNIVES: Blade buying tip #1: never buy something that comes without an edge on it

Then was asked the following question.

@tjdunnigan why not?

After some thought I made the following statement. Whomever makes a blade without an edge on it has no clue what they are doing.

Now I would like to take a moment to expound on that statement. A customer brought In a straight razor to be sharpened. He told me it was a new razor with no edge. This made my spider sense tingle ...with anger. A razor or knife with no edge is just a shape of steel with no purpose. It should no where on the box say Razor or Knife. Right in my hands I'm holding what looks like a Razor. It feels like one smells like one but when I touch the most important part I don't feel anything. Just a flat side. Next time I will say. 

"This is no razor, it's the start of one but the manufacturer forgot to finish it." 

If I went to an Automobile dealership and was told by a salesman that the 1996 El Camino I was about to buy was made not have an engine, and designed to be pulled by horses. I would ask him if I accidentally went to the damn wagon dealership insted. 

 The edge of the blade is the most important part of any cutting instrument. I love nice handes but I can't dice an onion with the Wolly Mamoth Ruby embossed handle. 

Back maybe 6 years ago. Furi a company out of Austrialia started making knives. We got some in on special. To our dismay when the knives arrived they didn't have an edge on them. When we called the company about this we were told "We don't put an edge on the knife the chef should do that" After a couple of awkward, silence filled moment. Veins began  pulsing on my uncles head and neck. He asked he bought a knife or a knife starter kit. Needless to say the knives were sent back and we never reorder from them again.  

Furi has since changed and the no edge chef customization program. They signed a deal with Rachel Ray and probably sold 1 million Rachel Ray orange handled santoku's that did have a decent edge on them. 

When the metal is formed from a mold. Then pressed and made into a blade like shape it will not have a fine edge. After the shaping process it must be ground polished and honed. This takes a skilled craftsman. What is happening is the Manufacter makes the shape says "it looks and feels like a knife so screw it sell it as is. What's for lunch?" Now I have a razor in my hand with no egde and I'm here left to finsh what they started. I won't even go into the probability that this is crap steel. Made by poor designers. Built by the factory who put in the lowest bid.Just as long as we can sell a set of 94 knives on QVC for  3 easy payments of $14.95. So if you are  in a store right now and the creepy sales guy is telling you about some awesome blade he has and won't let you take it out of the box to feel the edge. Take my advise and don't buy.